About CVS Mobile

We Engage in what we are Best At

CVS Mobile is the leading company in telematic systems in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. We market our solutions in Slovenia and its neighbouring countries; today, the entire network consists of 15 countries.

We specialise in developing telematic tracking systems for various activities. Highly effective and reliable solutions for a multitude of industry branches and the adaptation of telematic solutions to companies and their needs are our main competitive advantages. We also provide high value to and enjoy the trust of our customers by providing full and comprehensive support, which is implemented in the field as well as remotely.

Laying New Milestones

CVS Mobile is a company that has been providing professional tracking services for vehicle fleets and their management for 5 years. Today, telematic systems are used to manage business processes as well as company resources. All our solutions are based on the newest information solutions and services and we provide a comprehensive offer for our customers – from the design stage, development and engineering to the implementation of the solution. The solutions excel in high added value and a quick return on investment.

Global Vision

Our business vision is to become a reliable and competent partner in the entire area of the tracking, navigation and management of vehicle fleets. We want to provide our solutions and services on a global scale and we have already started achieving our goals by opening branches in five countries. Currently, we provide solutions and services covering 8 countries and plan to expand our network even further.

Success Based on Knowledge and Technology

Our work and solutions are based on using the global positioning system and mobile networks that ensure accurate information on the vehicle fleet, business processes and resources in the company at all times. We invest our wealth of knowledge and international experience into development since this is the driving force behind success. Our 10 years of experience and results bear witness to the fact that our decisions were correct. We plan to continue building our knowledge in the future.

Cooperation with various development companies ensures an inflow of fresh knowledge, which makes it possible to carry out even the most exacting international projects. We excel in business excellence, professionalism, team work, consistency and reliability. We are aware that the employees are the key value of the company; therefore, we take special care of their career development.

Environmental Care

Using tracking and vehicle fleet management systems enables better care for the environment since it ensures the optimum utilisation of vehicles in the vehicle fleet. The rational consumption of fuel and controlling the course of the drive makes it possible for the company to control CO2 emission more effectively and to reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the environment.