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CVS Mobile Telematic solutions for managing vehicle fleets and working processes are a combination of several advanced technologies. The most prominent of those is geolocation (so called GPS-tracking) and vehicle navigation via the terminal/navigation device in the vehicle. The latter is also used to send work tasks to the driver or the field worker and for communication between vehicles and dispatcher centres. We can also install printing solutions in the vehicles, which can be used together with the communication system to print and capture documents in the field. We also provide comprehensive electronic or paper transactions in areas where the companies have a lot of field work. Modern technology enables the telemetric capture of data in the vehicle, the display of data at the headquarters and processing data on the condition of the vehicle in real time.

All CVS Mobile telematic solutions can be linked with other elements of an information system for managing operations and thus their functionality can be upgraded.  The company provides a series of already developed applications to review and manage working activities in the field – via the internet (WEB) or WAP-applications on mobile phones.

The CVS Mobile telematic system is a business solution that enables the flawless management of vehicle fleets, working processes and mobile employees. It is suitable for use in numerous areas, mainly in transportation, logistics, construction, passenger traffic and numerous service-oriented private and public organisations. It also enables constant communication between the vehicle/driver and the vehicle fleet manager.

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