For easier control of your vehicles, cargo and road conditions.

A comprehensive set of telematics solutions


Know at all times where your vehicles and cargo are, what state they are in and when they will be on the road.

Basic solution mobileWEB More

Basic solution mobileWEB

Basic and upgradeable vehicle tracking solution.

Managing FMS data on vehicles More

Managing FMS data on vehicles

Collect the important FMS data on all your vehicles and save money.

FuelGuard More


Monitor the amount of fuel in your vehicles’ tanks via special probes and be informed on potential theft of fuel.

Tachograph data management More

Tachograph data management

Remotely transfer tachograph data, monitor the driver’s activities and, through analysis, ensure accordance with legislation.

Communication management More

Communication management

Easily stay connected to your drivers, wherever your vehicles may be.

Document management More

Document management

Easily share documents between the vehicles and the back office.

Mobile applications More

Mobile applications

mobileMAP in mobileCHAT

Manage your fleet with your mobile device.

ThermoGuard More


Monitor refrigerated and frozen cargo temperatures through special temperature sensors.

Driver identification More

Driver identification

Always have an overview of the identity of the users of your rolling stock.

Route planning More

Route planning

Save money on unnecessary kilometres, tolls and fuel expenses by choosing the best routes.

SafeGuard More


Have continuous control over the opening of the load compartment doors. If needed, you can remotely block the vehicle’s engine ignition.

TrailerGuard More


Have 24/7 control of your trailers and cargo.

Driving style analysis More

Driving style analysis

Monitor the driving aggression of your drivers and save money on fuel, tyre wear and on your vehicles’ longer lifespan.

HU-GO More


You can use the existing CVS Mobile telematics system for the tolls in Hungary

Integration via webservices More

Integration via webservices

Easily transfer data from our platform to your back programs.

TyreGuard More


Increase the lifespan of your tyres and decrease the probability of cargo damage.

Work order management More

Work order management

Manage your work orders faster and more efficiently.

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